Reaching Dreams

You hear many people talk about reaching dreams. The idea shows up in commercial ads, as plots to TV sitcoms and movies, in songs, as parts of slogans to give reason why you should purchase a particular personal development program. Albeit you have a dream or two that you would like to reach, correct? Have you ever went after a particular life experience and then found yourself stuck in experience of the opposite or just not even close? If you have, did you give up?

I have had plenty of dreams. Many of them have been experienced and others I’m experiencing the process of manifestation. There was a time when I dreamt things I believed I could never experience because of certain circumstances in reality. Impossible dreams are energy draining and unhealthy for emotions. I now realize that turning impossible dreams into possible is as simple as flipping on a light switch that exposes truth.

What are dreams? Dreams are the unbound, unlimited imaginings of your mind. They are the experiences that are believed to be capable of producing happiness in its fullness.

Life is but a dream as the song from childhood reminds. It is really just an unfolding of experiences that take place during time/space reality. Reaching dreams, using the words as it is meant when describing a desired experience, is nothing more than living in a deliberate created slide of the unfolding of your life. Dreams take form in the same smooth way that the sun rises to warm the day, oxygen is provided for breath, and gravity holds everything in place as you play various roles in physical focus. The larger part of you and I is nonphysical, playing director.

Dreams are experienced when they are given attention from a position of alignment with all there is. There is one common mind that exists as both physical and nonphysical. It also exist beyond the two distinctions that it creates as a way to experience itself. Humans are physical expressions of the one common mind. Through it they exist and within it they continue to be a part of the one conscious mind; the infinite I AM. Dreams flow through time space reality from the dimension of timeless and without form. They are manifestations of thought given to desire.

Dreaming feels wonderful when ultimate comfort is experienced. To know and fully understand the essence of life being but a dream is a powerful liberating feeling that gives the illusion of being grand in the experience of reality. We can experience any dream desired. I believe this is worth knowing. Do you? What dream will you experience?

Everyone has the ability to experience life as desired. This applies to you. You are welcome to visit for inspiration and motivation.


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