WellBeing/Being Well

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As you will notice with my posts, I truly believe everything in life is relative to alignment. Like when all of the planets line up ever so many years. The natural phenomenon of them lining up is often times highlighted as a rare significant event.

Humans, like planets, naturally have the ability to align and do so deliberately and by default regularly. Deliberate aligning happens during real-time life when a person embraces the truth. Wellbeing is the natural state of all that exists. There is an intricate governing system that connects alignment in a way that achieves perfect balance at all times.

Typically, we don’t think of gravity and our alignment with it. Many of us appreciate it, but still do not peer beyond the obvious connection that keeps us grounded. Gravity, in alignment with all that exists, plays a significant role beyond humans and their objects. It gives parameters for the wind to exist and flow in a way that allow birds to enjoy the sky. Also, it defines Earth relative to Space. Life without gravity would be notably different than it is with it.

Wellbeing, like gravity, sometimes exists in the shadows of daily expectations. Unlike gravity, it is less expected to be available for all. A slight shift in focus could align humans beyond their objects and daily lives. “As above, so is below.” We all have heard this phrase or other variations. Fundamentally, it is understood but not fully incorporated in life on Earth.

We gaze at the sky in awe and sometimes wonder about the amazing artist of natural beauty and wellbeing. Never do you hear about a chronically ill star or a deformed moon or a planet upset because of financial limitations and strife. That is why when we pause in our everyday life and give notice to our heart’s desires being played out above us, we feel moved in some way. Rarely do we notice the point of alignment we experience in the moment. Beauty and wellbeing exists above and below but many times our focus is outward and we do not see.

It’s kind of like a person looking through the lens of a camera wanting to view himself, but can’t. So, he assumes the view he is able to see is better. He doesn’t realize, in that moment, he could turn the camera towards himself by extending it outward in front of him, and then capture the picture. When he better understand himself, he will be able to capture any image visible and see his reflection.

Wellbeing is being well. Happiness becomes a person who feels good; Even more so a person who has felt less than good. It is called a miracle when a perceived terminally ill person experiences wellbeing and happiness. From a linear perspective, it happens suddenly and is unexplainable. When wellbeing is focused upon as a natural state of being, by any person at any stage in their life, it is experienced. Alignment with all there is is the significant highlight of life.

I wish you continuous recognized experiences of alignment. Be well by simply being. Give attention to beauty and wellbeing to see more of yourself in this way. You are invited to visit http://dreamchild78.wix.com/agreateryouawaits/ for inspiration and encouragement. Share stories of recognized wellbeing by email dreamchild78@gmail.com

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