Have You Ever Given Notice

Have you ever given notice to slippery boundaries of time?

It unwinds, unravels, and unfolds.

The present, like magic, fades yesterday.

Tomorrow is potential untold.

Pregnant space and opportunity;

Experiences of you and me.

Ha! Ha!

How funny it is that we are not two,

But one who IS.

Creative, innovative, and expressive versions of truth.

I don’t know about you.

To me,

It’s impressive.

Misalignment disguised as injustice.

Alignment, just a thought away.

Every day is delight to remember creation and the sensation of calm inner peace.

Easy flowing, life goes on and keeps growing into ALL that is imagined and allowed to be.

Mother Earth offers nourishment, entertainment for our senses, and comfort from her perfect position.

Life is simple; a breeze playing with wings designed to glide through opposition.

Each day is transition from sunrise to sunset.


Stars interrupt night with astral light.

 Different phases.

 Mystic moon.

Forever changing.

but never ceases to be.

Do you remember?

We are one reflecting each other in physical space.

When you feel good a smile displays on my face.

When was the last time you smiled?

Do you embrace your inner child?

Allow yourself to dream?

Imagine who you are?

Do you notice you at all?

Standing tall or small?

On the edge of desire, afraid to jump lest you fall?

It is interesting to see various expressions of you and me.

Together, collectively, and individually we are completely free as one.

Have you ever given notice?

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