Living Fully Now

anger, sadness, happyPreviously we explored the idea of taking a wrong step in life. How can life be fixed was answered. Life is held together by a perfect operating system and it can’t be broken. Therefore, it can’t be fixed. It doesn’t need to be fixed. Life simply is best when it is lived fully.

Understanding and embracing the present moment as all there is allows now to be lived fully. Fully present living places the paintbrush in your hand to color the canvas of your life with stimulating details of the absolute best of you. Living fully as all that you are and all that you have potential to be aligns you with all there is in a natural state of high energy. High vibratory energy feels pleasant and inspiring.

Life experiences are indicators that represent current beliefs and expectations. Beliefs are thoughts practiced often. Thoughts evoke emotions, which are vibrations that wield reality, experiences, into place. Emotions can be deliberately chosen and can be decided to reflect what feels best.

Our feelings, the way we feel about ourselves and everything perceived to be outside of us, determines how life is experienced and responded to. You are the only one experiencing your life. Your responses are reflections of how you feel as the main character.

Feelings are choices. I know some people who disagree, believing they are involuntary responses to stimuli. Everything is a part of life entertaining itself, in my opinion. Choice is always an available option, or is the option. In any given situation we choose the way we feel about something. This is usually done according to what we believe is deserved for whatever is being experienced. Little attention is given to how the emotion feels from the understanding of it being chosen.

Low frequency emotions, like sadness, anger, and fear are parasitic feelings that feed off self-perception. Just like an image projector, life is a projector of whatever person it belongs to. A distortion in self-perception causes a distortion in projection.
High frequency emotions like happy, joy, and bliss are nourishing emotions that heals all wounds. They cleanse the lens of the projector and allow moments of truth to be experienced. Any moment of life can be felt with high or low frequency emotions.

Now + Choice= Freedom

How can natural freedom be incorporated into daily life?
It is accomplished moment by moment, choice by choice. You become so involved with painting the picture of your life in a way that makes your heart soar; you literally become each moment. That’s the freedom I’m referring to.

What happens when for some reason freedom is forgotten and life inspires emotions that feel unpleasant?
In moments that causes you to desire better feeling experiences you face opportunity to think a better thought and feel a pleasing emotion that will undoubtedly create a pleasant experience. The more experiences you have expressing freedom the quicker you will choose to revisit when in moments of discomfort.

Greater You can always be given center stage in your life. You are director in all moments of now and it is you who decides what takes place inside of you. Your own life can be the best show on Earth when you know and express the truth of who you are. You exist as an expression of love, a reflection of the creator of all there is. Truly you are great because you are.

You are invited to practice the exercise below. The purpose is to guide you to fully living in the present. The more you practice clarity presents.

Close your eyes. Yes, in this moment. Close your eyes and focus your attention on now. Notice the sound and speed of your breath. Feel the rise in your upper body with inhalation and the release in exhalation. Give little attention to mental chatter, thoughts. Instead, assess how you feel. Move your awareness from inside to outside of your body. How do you feel in the environment where you are?

What sounds do you hear? How do they encourage you to feel? Do you detect any scents? Are you able to see images display in your mind?
Of course you can’t indulge in the exercise while reading. It will still be now at the end of this. That will be the perfect now to start practice. Give attention to now as often as possible.

Create a mental journal where you will keep details of your experiences with attention given to now. Establish a continuous period of time to complete the exercise. It doesn’t take long to become amazed at the profound wonder of now. The goal is to hone a skill, sharpen a tool, and build an internal muscle. I suggest 2-4 weeks. Choose what works best for you and adjust by experience. Some will start to give notice to the infinite of now in shorter spans of calculated time than others. While in the now, attending to it as it is, what do you do with it? What happens next in your story?


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