What Story Are You Telling?

What story are you telling?

Is it one where you are the hero or heroine?

Do you slay fear based dragons?

Or fly in a red wagon beyond limitation?

Are you happy?

How about fulfilled?

Will you go on vacation?

Are you able to release doubt and step out of hesitation?

Do you meet your perfect mate?

Attend an unforgettable date;

Are you guided to clarity of fate?

Maybe you experience all of your hopes and dreams.

Reality seems less real.

You feel good inside and radiate it outward.

Finally, you smile more than frown.

You wear a crown made from humbleness.

The lips of your life kisses the beauty of all there is.

You live;

Fully present, alive!

No longer do you strive to be the best.

Competition rests in better knowing you.

You do that thing you’ve been saying you would do?

And stop living according to what you feel you should.

The story you tell is the one you live.

Does it make you feel good?



If not you can always tell a different story.

What story are you telling?

Now ask yourself this question.

“Why is the story I’m telling plotted the way it is?”


No matter the reason,

Adjust the story as preferred.

Stimulate your senses.

Add the perfect unique ingredient.

Your story is your story,

Unlike history,

It is the becoming of you from all you have become.

Do you tell your story like you own it?

You are the author,


Do you enjoy telling the story you are creating?

If not?

When will you start?

2 thoughts on “What Story Are You Telling?

    • I’m telling and living a story of beauty and wonder…(to me of course) :0) What about you. -What story are you telling?-

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