Confidence In The Moment

Confidence in the moment comes from understanding your truth. You exist. Therefore you are important to the universe, to all there is. Reflection of anything doesn’t alter the source. The object of reflection may alter the appearance of it. Still, this does not change the source being reflected.

Humans tend to identify with an altered appearance of reality. Many believe they were made in the image of the creator and almost just as many understand little of what it means. It is sort of like having ‘the Earth is flat’ mentality while living on a round planet. This was a real and historic human perception that Wikipedia describes as follows:

The paradigm of a spherical Earth was developed in Greek astronomy, beginning with Pythagoras (6th century BC), although most Pre-Socratics retained the flat Earth model. Aristotle accepted the spherical shape of the Earth on empirical grounds around 330 BC, and knowledge of the spherical Earth gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world from then on.[5][6][7][8] The misconception that educated Europeans at the time of Columbus believed in a flat Earth, and that his voyages refuted that belief, has been referred to as the Myth of the Flat Earth.[9] In 1945, it was listed by the Historical Association (of Britain) as the second of 20 in a pamphlet on common errors in history.[10]

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I believe clarity that comes with experience and understanding will reveal why Earth was believed to be flat for as long as it was. It is possible that recent understanding of vibrations being the core of physical matter will lead to a perception of a spherical object, such as planet Earth, being also flat in the form of vibration or as perceived from a different observation point. This is my own personal philosophy.

What is certain is the dramatic change in life as it was once lived as a result of a shift in the paradigm that modeled the shape of the planet we live on. Currently, scientists are confirming belief in a single origin of everything that exits based on conclusions gathered from research and other methods of observation deemed to them to be logical, accurate, and up-to-date. This seen-to-be New Age scientific awareness has caused blur of the separation between science and religion. The flux of understanding life and its definition has stirred confusion in many.

There are several people whom I know who have observed the inability of the “professionals” to explain what’s going on and have in response created an internal indifference. Life doesn’t seem to feel better for them as a result of them tuning out to what’s misunderstood. Instead, a few in particular appear to be experiencing entrapment in a hellhole with no explanation for why they are here and no visible, tangible way out.

What does it mean to be made in the image of the creator?

First, let’s ask and answer a few simple, basic questions. Is the creator of life creative? My answer is, “Yes.” When thought is given to all that is created, known and unknown, in various expressions, it is easy to agree. Humans are only one expression of creation. I believe we understand least about all there is; again, my opinion. From what we understand, the creator created humans in his image, likeness. There was never any defined lacks.

Adam and Eve have been portrayed as beginning evidence of human weakness that exists as encoding in creation. They impressed me as humans who were unaware of the truth of the creator and themselves as the created, equally. Just because they acted as humans who believed they lacked something of value that the creator possesses doesn’t conclude that lack truly exists. Perception of lack is quite different. I believe we as a race have access to an abundance of examples of human life expressed from a perception of lack.

Do you believe you were made in the image of the creator? If you answered, “yes,” you have the foundation to understand what it means and how to incorporate that meaning into your life. I also answered yes, so I will proceed with exploring the idea of being confident from that perspective.

When you fully understand what it means to be made in the image of the creator, in his likeness, you will know your truth. Think for a moment about confidence and what it means to be confident, to have confidence. Having certainty sums up the thoughts that came to my mind when I pondered it. A person who is confident, or appears to be confident, is thought to be certain of their position within whatever they face.

The opposite, a person who lacks confidence, or appears to lack confidence, is thought to be uncertain of their position within whatever they face. They believe something outside of themselves is in control of the moment and their fate. To me, that means a person must be certain about their position within whatever they face in order to engage it confidently.

What is your position in life in general? What is your position in your personal life? What is your position in the lives of others?

I ask these questions because there is valuable information in the answers you give. You can compare your perception of your position in life in general with your belief about being created in the image of the creator, in his likeness. Does it match the concept you have of the creator? A clear standard mirror will reflect the source of an image without adding or taking away anything. Do you believe you matter to the creator of all there is? When you matter to the source of all there is and you know you are a creation of the creator in his image, likeness where does that position you in life in general?

What about your personal life? Off the top of your head what is your position in your daily life, in few words? Do the position you hold offer joy and inspiration? Is it the exact position you desire? Does it allow you to feel in alignment with the truth of you? Are you thankful to be who you are and in the experience of your present? Does time feel like a gift of opportunity that will be shaped any way you choose? Are you confidently reflecting you?

Our position in the lives of others is one that we have little influence over. Ultimately, people will define you according to their perception of themselves within their own lives relative to interaction with you and how they are impressed upon during the interaction. The innate influence is given to us in scripture and moral advice: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This can mean understanding others as reflection of the same creator, from the same origin as you, while responding confidently and connectively.

This doesn’t mean you will agree with or relate to every person you interact with. It means you operate from a perspective of sameness that accounts for uniqueness and possible misunderstanding. Agree to disagree. We’ve all heard this phrase which translates: have a difference of opinion without discredit of either party.

Human interaction is a prominent area of human life. Many of us spend more time interacting with others, through business and personal roles, than is spent alone exploring our true selves. People who base their self-perception on the opinions of others are more vulnerable to distortion of truth because people are people. How we feel determines how we interact with others. When we feel good because it is important that we feel good no one else can remove us from that space; no matter what is done or offered as an opinion. Confidence in your position in life and all there is allows you to face anything with certainty it will work out in favor of your best interest and that of anyone else who is involved when that is focused upon. Interactions that take place while you are expressing your true reflection have positive and lasting impressions that spread throughout human interaction.

I went to a local store the other day with a handful of change as my method of payment. The attending cashier displayed disapproval by exhaling loudly and impatiently shifting her weight from side to side, switching her rested hand from one hip to the other as I counted out the change at a pace she could follow so all she’d have to do is accept it and place it in the drawer of her register. Afterwards, I handed her a lottery ticket to redeem. I wanted to use a portion of the winnings to purchase another ticket. It was obvious she felt discomfort of some sort with my request, so I asked, “Is there a problem?”

She answered, “Yeah, I hate scratching these things. Especially when I just got my nails done.” It was at that moment I noticed her black and clear designed nails. I could relate to the feeling of not wanting her nails dirty. I would have used a coin or an ink pen instead; anything else I happened to have noticed to be suitable over using my fingernails. I have naturally long nails and I am particular about stuff collecting under them. For me, it’s not about fresh nail polish because I tend to keep them clear. Clean nails are simply preferred.  Okay, enough about my fingernails. Back to the scene at the store.

For some reason this female didn’t think like I did. It was important to her to express discontent with the situation than to care how my interaction with her felt as a person, or even as a customer. Customers gain experience with their purchases. This experience inspired many thoughts and possible reactions based on my beliefs and expectations. My interaction with her was important to me. On another level, my interaction with myself expressed as her in that moment was my focus of importance. The ball was in my court and I fully understood my ability to respond any manner I chose. “Nevermind,” I said with a smile. “I’ll do it another day.”

The female gave brief attention to the invisible transaction that took place between us. For a moment she stumbled over confusion of what I said but quickly returned to indifference when I turned. I walked out of the store feeling good about myself. I had little money and change in an area in my life I’ve given years of attention to. I responded to the experience confidently. Confidence has inspired me to share the experience. I eagerly look forward to more moments of standing firm in certainty of who I am and my position in life.

I encourage you to practice confidently engaging life. To do this, intentionally respond truthfully to experiences when a thought alerts you to a need to do so. Pay close attention to how you feel as you reflect truth. How do you feel afterwards? Spend a few moments each day giving thought to life, the creator, and all there is. Mentally release the confines of your body and with closed eyes feel the vibrations of you mingling with what is perceived to be ‘not you’. Imagine how it is possible for you to be a reflection of the creator, which also means you are creation and the creator.

No one can satisfactorily answer the how and why of your life better than you can. When you connect with your personal path to and from the source of life, you find the truth of you and all there is. My aim is focused less on asking how and why and more on being confidently present in as many moments as I will allow. I wish the experience of confidence in your life.

I am still collecting Amazing Life Stories to be shared in an e-book and as a page at Greater You Awaits website located at!amazing-life-stories/c2395 . Your story could give life to someone else. You will be contributing to the efforts of Kreative Inspirations to uplift, encourage, and inspire those who desire to live optimally. Thank you for your support and for giving attention to Greater You. As you grow and positively enhance, so does the YOUniverse. Enjoy life, confidently.



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