Power in the Words You Speak

Words have power! God uttered words to create Earth with green grass, blue skies, and flowing water. Then with the sounds of intention, he created the beast and man in his image to inhabit it. Looking upon the product of his words, God deemed it good and then rested in contentment of his work.

Mankind was made in the image of God. That means we, too, have the ability to speak creation. Ignorance to ability doesn’t halt ability.

Have you ever complained about an unpleasant situation and experienced it get worse? Words have to be chosen with care to manifest, or to allow desired experience. Desire must be spoken accurately to bring it forth.

How did Jesus heal the sick and renew the weary? One could say he laid hands on them. Some of them he did.

Words of intentions can be spoken with or without audible voice. How did Moses part the Red Sea? Yes, he pointed a rod towards it. Neither of us was there, so we don’t know if he uttered sounds of intentions that were able to be heard or not. He might have spoken in his heart and acted with faith upon belief. I don’t believe the rod was the source of power.

Faith and belief make words do what they do. Belief provides words to be spoken; while faith supports actions that reflect belief. Together, as an infinitely intelligent system, they create experiences.

Humans interpret most experiences as good or bad; based on pleasantness. I must say I was surprised when I came into the knowledge that I create my life experiences word by word.

Writers use words to create stories and experiences for readers’ entertainment. I was learning how to write in the design of public share when I was made aware of the power of words. Briefly, the phenomenon took form as a stumbling block for my attempt to advance in a rewarding career. Fear of creation held my words hostage.

I was in the midst of a series of unpleasant experiences in my life that I wanted to overcome. Not only did I want to, I needed to write to have something to use in establishing a career. My mind hesitated for fear of writing the wrong thing. I desire to write inspiration and motivation, not sullen accounts of my life.

Obviously, I have overcome my fear of writing. Kreative Inspirations is an organization I designed to be a home of inspiration and motivation through use of blogs, websites, thought provoking quotes, audio and video clips. One of the Kreative Inspirations websites is located at http://dreamchild78.wix.com/agreateryouawaits/

Now, I take my time and choose my words according to intention when I speak and write. My intentions give better clues about the words I need to speak in order to allow my desires to manifest. Clarity of intentions is important.

Sometimes, intentions hide behind desires. Close examination may be necessary. If you desire to have a significant other in your life, an advancement of money, or any other experience, why you desire these things will play a significant role in your ability to allow them to be experienced. Once you are certain of what you desire, ask yourself why you desire what you do.

Why are you without the things you desire? This is a question I asked myself. The answer gave insight into prior beliefs and the words I’d spoken about what was desired. My initial answer was, “I don’t know.” Determination to create better experiences formulated a different answer.

I was without the things I desired partly because I didn’t know how to obtain them. As a result, I believed my desires were out of my reach. The words I spoke in casual conversation and as mental chatter came from a belief that I was the complete opposite of my desires. My experiences, in accordance with my words and belief, were also perceived as being different from my desires. The power of words became clear.

Have you ever considered the reason words of encouragement evoke pleasant feelings? On the surface, they are made of the same material as words of criticism. Yet, they engage different emotions.

What about a terminally ill person who speak words of death versus one in a similar experience who speak words of life and good health? What if the future reality of the person who speaks words of death is death and life for the one who speaks life?

Life and good health experienced by the person who speaks life would be seen as a phenomenon, a miracle, or divine intervention. It is even possible for the survivor to be spoken about as a rare case and someone who beat odds. But, explaining what happened in the scenario above with wonder and as an outside orchestrated event overlooks the true underlying influence of the experience.

People are either ignorant to the fact or afraid to acknowledge their own direct influence on their lives. If I was speaking to one of them I would say, “Fully grasping the concept of what it means to be made in God’s image in no way robs him of being the GREAT I AM; creator of all and all things. It allows you to experience his intentions in creating man in his image.”

I know a mother of 5 children who confided in me about the way she felt during a challenging time in her life. She expressed dislike for things her children did and the consequences it cost not only the acting child, but also her as the mother. Her love life was null after a failed marriage, so she often felt alone and with no one to relate to outside of her children.

She was aware of depression and anxiety coloring her life. She believed, no matter how much she desired to be happy she never would be as long as the people in her life continued to make decisions that negatively affected her. I wish I could show her how there’s only one decision to be made and that is to feel good while living life, no matter what anybody else does.

She was most definitely right, though. My mother died at age 49, after prolonged unhappiness. One of her sons was incarcerated, another 21 and still living at home, and the baby boy was on probation after becoming alcohol poisoned during a fun night with Seagram’s Gin. She didn’t experience her desire of happiness in the majority of her life experience. She did experience fulfillment of her words.

Summer 2012, I started a job where I felt uncomfortable my first day. Immediately, I contemplated quitting versus monetary gain. Extra cash was my aim so I asked God for strength and stamina to deal with the store owner’s son. My prayer was answered each day that I asked, yet, I continued to talk about initial feelings and the dislike I held for work in this particular environment. To my surprise, on a day that I asked for strength and stamina to survive the workday, the store owner’s son forcefully attempted to take a container from my hands.

In the moment where I held on to one side of the container, and him the other with forceful pull, I surrendered and let go but was not satisfied. Powerful words escaped my mouth upon our next interaction.

“Unless we are working as a team, don’t ever grab hold of anything in my hands, because, I can’t be responsible for my reaction.”

I spoke only loud enough to be heard by him who was behind me. He pivoted and walked away without saying anything else to me. Then, I heard him tell a nearby manager, “Have her clock out.”

“Wow!” was my reaction. This was not what I expected when I left home for work. I had spoken words that had cost me my job. All of the words I had spoken before and during the final experience with the store owner’s son created the outcome.

Did I receive my desire? Yes, I must say. No longer do I have to face the store owner’s son and he was made aware of my reaction to his actions. This was achieved professionally without losing control. Back to the creation zone I went with clearly specified intentions to create a source of income that would produce positive experiences in the process of providing money. Eight months later I have awakened to awareness of what it means to be made in the image of God.

Abundance is a matter of allowing. Beliefs are the father of experience. Thoughts are the mother. I won’t bother listing all of the words I’ve shared about money and its absence in my life. Now I’m able to see that much of the time money has existed in my access and possession, maybe not more than enough to cover basic necessities, and I thought, acted, and spoke like there was none at all. I honestly associated the having of a job with the having of money.

Never mind the fact that I always find change on the ground. One day I walked in the path of a puddle of coins in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It appeared to have been an even mix of the common variety. I had money in my wallet. I was on my way to pay a bill near Wal-Mart. I’ve always been fascinated with the experience of finding change when I’m walking. To me it’s like money always being placed in my path of direction, no matter the denomination. So, I decided to pick up coins that were in my direct route leaving the abundance to be experienced by another. There were so many coins in my hand that they were spilling to the ground as I put my portion of the puddle in my wallet.

Up until I clocked out from that job I held thoughts and beliefs about often finding money, winning money, and gifted money in a separate operating system. As soon as I observed myself as unemployed I internalized the stigma. A well-meaning friend of mine added to the experience by saying I need to learn when to shut my mouth.

“Some words don’t need to be spoken,” she advised.

I agree. The words I spoke to the store owner’s son were specially created for him, so there was a need to speak them. I agree words spoken should be crafted with desire and intentions. There are some words that don’t need to be spoken. Which is determined by desires and intentions; they should be spoken to create fulfilling experiences.

I later learned I wasn’t fired because I’d spoken in reaction to the store owner’s son. Having me clock out was a typical punishment at that place. I was expected to return for my shift the next day and was terminated as a no show.

That is all funny to me now. Laughter about it was far from reach last year. For a while I claimed he made me say something to him that caused me to lose my job.

I chose to say what I said. Preserving the job was least from consideration in the moment. I only cared to deliver a clear and precise message that reflected where I am in spiritual awareness.

It is funny because I contemplated being a failure, the cause of my own demise. I felt disempowered because I believed my words caused me to lose a job I didn’t particularly want to claim. I wanted to have more money and I believed somehow I’d managed to fail at creating a stable avenue.

Since that incident, I’ve spoken with other people who were unemployed. One woman had greatly aged in her position and was told her production level was below requirement. Another woman in her late forties found herself widowed without employment after the company she worked for went bankrupt. A young man who worked for the same store where I worked was fired because he called-in sick within the time frame specified in the employee handbook. From what I understand, the store was slammed with customers and they couldn’t afford no-shows.

Neither of us are failures. God doesn’t error. He made us in his image and that makes it impossible for us to fail. Failure is according to a particular standard that wasn’t set by the creator. If the standard of measurement that you use makes you feel as though you have failed, I advise you give this your attention. A quiet examination of beliefs may be all that is needed to feel better about yourself in your life. If the standard of measurement that you use to access your life’s performance belongs to someone else, I advise you to ask yourself why you chose to live by standards set outside of yourself and your direct connection with the creator. An image is never out of the presence of the source he reflects.

The message I desire to leave with you is, WORDS HAVE POWER.  Be mindful how you choose them. I wish you words of peace, comfort, and love. Practice is plenty. I will keep you posted on adventures of my wonderfully unfolding human experience.


DeMeitta Wesley

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