Who or What is God?

your emotions matter

Who or what is God? I believe it is essential to have a clear truthful definition of that which you refer to as God. Your personal definition will give insight about your relationship with self, others, and the source which you reflect; some people prefer to say ‘that which you were created from’. No matter the terminology, the divine energy from which all else comes is already defined in a way that influences your current life experience. If you have come to a point in your life where you feel it to be necessary to find answers to profound life questions or desperately needed solutions to life’s problems then defining God would be the foundation for practical success.

God in my definition IS. He simply exists. And, it is common to use the pronoun ‘he’ so I do, but it doesn’t mean that I view God as a masculine energy. Instead, my definition of the creator of all things includes the existence of both genders and perceives him to be a perfect balance, a blending if you will, of both. God IS whatever is desired at highest vibrational frequency. And what is desired is expressed through and as himself. God literally is whatever IS. This can be explained in greater detail and I attempt to do so in all that I present. God really is more than our mouths can say and minds can conceive at once. Saying God IS is as close as can be achieved at a single full encompassing definition.

I have included links to videos that reveal several people whom you may know definitions of God. When you finish watching the videos, and I suggest visiting each link provided, ask yourself some serious intimate questions.

“What is my definition of God? Why do I define God in this way? Does my definition of God bring love and peace in my life?”

And I would take it a step further if you desire. Take a pause, quiet your mind (maybe through meditation), and ask God, “Who are you?” Once the question is asked, continue with your life with openness to receive all of the answers that are provided.

I wish you continuous experiences of unconditional love. Open your heart to receive it and give it. Allow yourself to reflect an accurate image of your source, our source, the source of ALL there is.


DeMeitta Wesley

Founder of Kreative Inspirations


Suggested Links:

Pastor Joel Osteen, one of America’s most influential spiritual leaders, reveals how he would explain God to a nonbeliever.

How do the spiritual leaders of today define God? “God is the highest place in each and every one of us,” answers Dr. Wayne Dyer. Iyanla Vanzant calls it her “everything,” while Michael Singer says it’s his source. Watch more thought-provoking definitions from the best of Oprah’s Soul to Soul conversations.

Abraham Hicks – Help Me Understand The God Concept


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