Inspiring Sounds


This is the first post of the Inspiring Sounds series. The purpose is to share sounds that have inspired me. Share my thoughts about them. I would love to hear what you think.

When you listen, listen with an open heart. Feel the message.

I advise doing this throughout your moment-by-moment life.

I went to many southern churches when I was younger and participated in home worship. This clip of Aretha Franklin takes me back to early experiences with the message that there is no need to worry. From the way things unfolded in my life as time carried me to adulthood, I know I wasn’t the only one who missed the message. I was young, so many times I was singing because it was expected of me or listening because of the moving sound. I am now learning how this applies to life during the A.D. time period, which we live in now.

My interpretation of the song is:

Jesus assured Martha and Mary there was no need to weep or moan. They were in distress because their brother died and Mary knew if Jesus had been there he would live. Jesus offered to soothe them by telling them the truth. There was no need to weep or moan. Confidently, and without trying to convience anyone of anything, he went to where Lazarus was burried and called him forth. Lazarus rose to the call.

Jesus was an example for the disciples of how it is possible to live without worry; without need to weap or moan. He showed them how to catch fish during a time it appeared the task was impossible by simply and gently advising them to toss the net on the other side of their boat. He showed them how to respond to the hunger of many with what appeared to be little.

There was a woman who was shown the art of believing there was enough when she believed she was low on flour to entertain guests. Water, he showed, could be turned to wine if it was needed for a special occasion. His life, to me, showed life doesn’t have to be lived in worry about anything, even when you know you will be betrayed and killed.

I believe the act of ‘dying for our sins’ was defined by the lack of understanding of truth in people at the time. They possessed minscule knowledge about their true nature and the reason they existed. I believe God as Jesus came to the world to free mental and spiritual bondage. He, in the form of Jesus, didn’t come to stay in the world as it was.

He responded to the perpetual weeping and moaning of mankind. Violence is a form of crying out in pain or discomfort. Think about animals. When they are wounded one must take precaution of attack when they administer assistance. I believe God was aware mankind would be challenged by the simplicity of the solution to their woes. I don’t believe Jesus or God made life for mankind complicated. The honor of complication was earned by another.

Jesus wept. That is the shortest verse in the bible. I know because we had to say a bible verse before eating our meals and all of us children had discovered the short verse while interacting in praise and worship service and it was the one we always said. One day I awakened to the fact that I was saying Jesus cried, out of all of the things he did during his recorded life. I inquired of why he cried and discovered he wept because he was showing the path to peace and love crystal clearly and people were not able to see it.

He knew time would allow for greater awareness of what he came to give. It just touched him deeply, in flesh, to witness other humans hurt without need. I can relate to Jesus because I deeply feel the aches of those outside of me. I know movies are creations of people, and not real life, and still sentimental movies about pain and strife jerk my tears. I don’t like that so I watch few movies and listen to mostly positive and encouraging sounds.

I love music without words, with softly playing instruments and accompanying sounds that calm and soothe the spirit. There are plenty of songs that I enjoy that do have words, like this one. I sat back in the recliner, closed my eyes, and allowed the sounds to carry me into the scene being sung. I even mingled in the words that were spoken by Jesus, felt his confidence, his calm assurance. There is no need to weep or moan. It moved me in a way that inspired me to share it with you.

Without further ado, here is Aretha FranklinMary Don’t Weep. 

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