Allowing Art

I played with colors in the GIMP image manipulation program, starting with two colors of paint; black and white. Smudging white and black together, in the blending, makes a rich gray color that resembles silver. The distribution of white and black creates a 3-D effect that amazes my eyes as I manipulate the paint into something beautiful.

I really didn’t have a specific goal in mind outside of desiring to deliberately spend time doing something I enjoy. My hands are always creating art; whether by doodling on any suitable medium in close proximity, aligning things around my house in a way that pleases peculiarities of my sight, or simply creating elegance with ordinary.

All throughout any day in my life one can find me in the form of art. From my various handwritings and the lifetime of words they have written to the selection of my animal friends whom I share life with. Currently, I have a Jack Russell Terrier, Ginger Bella, white with faint brown speckles and a brown helmet that include her ears. Baylee is a blonde, white, and slightly black miniature Chihuahua/Silky Terrier. Cali Cat has a heather, honey blonde and white coat. I didn’t acquaint with these animals because of the color of their coats but since we’ve merged lives I’ve noticed the artistic beauty of the quite unique bunch.

I applied layers of white paint on top of black paint and then smudged it in search of the arty picture the canvas desired to display. The colors seemed to have been communicating with each other as though they were two separate and alive energies that moved through the space where they were being manipulated as one infinite expression of the relationship of the two colors of paint. In some places, the white paint became dominant and was able to be smudged to resemble bright light. In other places, black casted shadows over white.

As I relaxed into the physical work I was doing to unveil the potential on the screen of the laptop in front of me, my middle finger glided over the mouse pad easy following the flow of energy. And almost magically, I witnessed a wing take form. Black and white aligned relative to each other in a way that designed fluffy feathers. Delight rendered a smile. Excitedly, my finger sped up and smudged the feathers into a mass of silvery gray displaying potential for 3-D form; no longer resembling feathers.

No worries. I pressed ctrl-z until it undid all I’d done after visualizing feathers. Removing my hands from the keyboard and clasping them together I gave the emerging image close attention. Wings; I imagined them. Visions of my parakeets I had as a freshman in college enabled me to actually feel feathers against my fingertips. I remembered the soft warmth and the way the top feathers raised and exposed multiple cotton soft layers of down feathers underneath.

Holding the experience of feathers before me as though a detachable window in a program- in this case, the program was ‘experience with feathers’, I started to smudge the paint. Immense joy waved through me as observer of the experience and as translator of emotions associated with causing the unfolding of art.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the art of allowing. That is, in each and every moment I am aware, I am scanning and reaching for the experience of desires in a way that I feel capable of allowing most easily without resistance. The desire to create art was a step in the path of most allowing in my current life experience. I believed creating art would give me pleasure in the experience of it, and, I’d claimed at morning rise to experience what was pleasant throughout the entire day.

Technology constantly expands and enhances with our needs and decided uses for it. Windows 8 is now available and offers touch screen applications that allow more opportunity for creativity. I look forward to having access to the latest artist toy box. GIMP is free and sufficient for familiarizing with art creation in the digital world.

Last year I was completely ignorant to the wide range of possibilities with image art. I love taking photographs of nature, people being their natural selves, and my fascination is with the sky. The sky is ever changing, like a canvas continuously revealing fresh distribution of color and arrangements of 3-D objects (sun, moon, stars, clouds, etc.)

Drawing became a passion when I was about 3 years old. My mother used to draw people, skies with suns, clouds, birds, and once I remember her drawing a beach scene. I remember thinking Momma was an artist, and I was only a little kid who wanted to draw but couldn’t. My people were made of lines and distorted circle heads. My sun never quite looked like the one God made, and grass was always sharp looking. I was a determined little spirit, though.

Drawing, writing, and learning were center stage during the younger years of my life. By the time I was in high school I was able to copy, not trace, anything I had a visual of. Still, I felt less than I desired to be as an artist because the things I was capable of drawing belonged to someone else. I simply had the knack of encoding what I saw in a way that my mind was able to communicate back, accurately, with my hand.

During college I allowed my hands to explore artistic possibility while taking an entry level art course. Fear of failure and doubt in my capabilities encouraged me to withdraw from an advance course that stated in the syllabus art must be gallery worthy to even score an overall C. I guess, at that time in my life, I viewed myself in relation to the world around me as the younger me viewed Momma as an artist.

In 2002, I made a commitment to honor my true self by aiming to be my greatest at any given moment and accept times when I feel less than great as nothing more than the process of greatness becoming. As a birthday gift, my sister gave me a wooden briefcase filled with various types of paint, charcoal, pencils, colored pencils, markers, and oil pastels. Taking the gift as a spiritual one, I bought paintbrushes, canvases, paper typically used for painting, and used pieces of cardboard boxes to allow my inner artist to become.

I decorated by home with my art and gifted it to people. Several pieces were displayed in a local art gallery, and I won a photography contest sponsored by a now outdated site, The picture was titled “Puppy Love” and it displayed an affectionate moment of my daughter with her first puppy on her first birthday.

When I was forced to move from the apartment we lived in, I paid extra to carry my art supplies on the Greyhound to travel from South to West, and then back 5 months later. I painted a picture of an angel during the spell we were without personal shelter. Back then, painting the picture that desired to emerge was the path of most allowing the moment to be what is was. (I will tell you where to view this piece at the end of this interaction.)

Art is a part me, just as I am an expression of it. I had an internal blast playing with the colors of this picture. I’m inspired to create more. Now that is living the intentions of Kreative Inspirations.

Kreative Inspirations is more than an organization. It is a becoming work of art, specializing in the art of inspiring creativity. Creativity is free and open, the origins of existence. It is existence as itself and the experience. Allowing life to flow naturally and joyfully is a beautiful art. New Age terminology refers to it as the art of allowing. It is the joyous act of intentionally shaping life experiences. Today, I am able to relate to it as the act of smudging what is into experiences that pleases the soul.

I wish you joy filled kreative experiences. Allow your inner artist to become you. Create life as you desire. There is a gallery display of some of the art I created during periods of perceived difficulty. Click the linkà!portfolio/c1han Have a wonderful day.


DeMeitta Wesley

Here is the finished piece. I decided to add color to most of it while preserving a great portion of its black and white beginnings.

art, inspiration, motivation

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