cat, window sill

by: DeMeitta Wesley

I perch upon one of my favorite locations inside,
The window sill.
And, attentively I listen to the sounds of outside,
Songful bird thrill.
The sun rises to the tip of forest surroundings,
On top o’the hill.
I watch in appreciation for sunshine,
Problems are nil.
Deep crimson feathers zoom past,
I catch them still.
Mental paws pat the delicate treasure,
Mental and real.
Determined to free it escapes,
I think of going outside,
How would it feel?
My ears stiffen in alarm of barking,
Live fur no frill.
I see two, no three,
Large mouths, NO DEAL!
I’m inside, on the other side of it all,
Safe window sill.
My tongue scratches my mouth with thirst,
Water, then meal.
In one leap I land on four paws upon carpeted floor,
An innate skill.
Water bowl on one side, food bowl on the other,
Cali Cat’s will.
I stretch long and contemplate nap,
Relax and Chill.
I enjoy being A House Cat.

cat, window


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