Mental Vacuuming

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Why do people vacuum? To pick up dust, dirt, debris; those are all possible accurate responses. Many have discovered the space for peace within the noise and regularly vacuum as meditation. SERIOUSLY. Google the phrase to learn more about Vacuuming Meditation. That’s how I found this article posted on Blogger in 2010 that spoke of vacuuming as a hiding spot. Check out the entry at

                “Since my kids don’t like the noise of the vacuum, they go to my son’s room to play while I do it. After about 10 minutes of vacuuming, I had an epiphany. Vacuuming was my hiding place. The kids voluntarily go in the other room, and stay there. If there is any sibling bickering going on, I can’t hear it and they work it out amongst themselves. And the white noise of the vacuum is actually quite meditative. Although I was “working” during my mommy break, it was a nice mental break, nonetheless.”

I found this to be fascinating because lately I’ve been using vacuuming time as a way for me to focus and zone inside to vacuum my mind. How does someone vacuum their mind? I’ll tell you.

Of course, I don’t mean this literally. About 10Mbits of information are transmitted along each optic nerve PER SECOND, according to:

Think about how much information is amassed in the mind in 24 hours? How about one week, a month, a number of years? Can you imagine living somewhere that has carpeted floors and high traffic volume, and NEVER vacuuming? I can’t. I love to be within a clean environment at all times, and I’ve found great joy and mental adventure during vacuuming. Some days I could clean the floors more than once. Not because of uncleanliness, but for the experience of the experience.

Our minds sift through countless bits of data and process it in a way that allows us to interact within the world around us. We take in perceptions and ways of doing things from other people who sometimes occupy our lives for a season. Long after the person has exited our everyday world and the reason for our rendezvous with them is fulfilled, we still operate in life with this downloaded information.

An avid computer user will regularly conduct disk-cleanup to maintain optimal performance. Human minds work in a similar manner as computer systems. And similarly, they become sluggish due to improper maintenance.

How can I cleanup my mind?

1. Take frequent pauses in 24 hours. There is no right or wrong way to spend these pauses. They can be either short or lengthy and be used to meditate, reflect, and to simply be. (Just a few ideas.)

2. Observe yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions. Do they match desires? Is there anything that could use adjustment? Remind yourself you are human, created in the image of the creator, and worthy of your desires and more. Have patience with you. Once you are fully aware of yourself necessary changes are simple to make.

3. Focus on your emotions. The way you feel determines the way life feels to you. There is no reason to fear undesired emotions because what is desired can be focused upon at any time, turning you in the opposite emotional direction. Life reflects the way you feel. So, feel the way you prefer in order to experience life as you prefer.

4. Deliberately ponder good feeling thoughts. Spending time in gratitude for all that can be thought of is an excellent way to mentally clean unproductive thoughts. Refocus unpleasant thought to an aspect that offers positive relief. This means, if it starts to pour down raining just before you leave for work running late, be thankful. In this scenario having a job to go to, a home to leave from, an umbrella for comfort, and a mode of transportation could be acknowledged. If these things seem trivial, imagine your life without them. There is always something to be thankful for in any situation. Being thankful feels better than complaining.

5. Forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness is an area that trip up many humans. Even though many can quote words that encourage forgiveness, they struggle with incorporating it into their lives. Know that no one can harm your essence. You are always capable of responding in some beneficial way. Remain calm. Relax. Accept people and their actions as they present. Be neutral. Look for the lesson in the situation. Forgive all parties involved and move forward to expressing GREATNESS. That’s the reason you live.

6. Accept responsibility for your life and the way it feels. Blame no one. Take charge! If there is something going on in your life that causes discomfort, CHANGE IT! The power to experience life as you desire is within choice. Choose to be great and feel your best.

7. Make time for you. Give yourself extra care. How about a nice shoulder and feet massage with warm lotion? You could clean and groom your fingernails and toenails. I enjoy brushing my hair and taking warm candle lit bubble and oil baths. Whatever you choose to do for yourself make it special, just as you would for someone you’re fond of.

8. Write down a desire. You must take ideas out of your mind and include them into your reality if you would like to experience them. Create a vision board, or maybe a descriptive journal where you live in the experience of your desire. Immediately, you will see evidence of fruits from your work.

9. Learn something new. Evolution is expansion. Knowledge and experience is expansion of human existence. Learn a new language, an exciting hobby, or anything you once said you would but up until now haven’t found time to. The more you learn, the more you will be inspired to grow and learn. Try it. I’m certain you’ll love it.

10.Now is the only point in time that exists. Be aware of this at all times. Life is exploration of Now. Every choice that is made is made Now. Every emotion felt is felt Now. Every tomorrow is Now. Spend Now in as much joy as you’re able to see possible. Reach for better feeling experiences when Now is less than desired. It all happens Now. Make the best of it.

Doing these 10 things is a great start on expressing your greatness. Of course, doing only one of them is an act in the same direction. As you act in accordance with what you want to experience in life you will reap the benefits of living life as you desire.

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Another Special Message:

A Message From VERONICA

Inner Whispers

Volume 1 Issue 12

Copyright April Crawford

“Inner Whispers” and “Dear VERONICA” are trademarks.

“Inner Whispers” is offered to promote personal and spiritual growth, and to provoke thought.

All materials by any of the entities are presented in first, final and only draft. There is no editing or censoring of even a single word or sentence.

The Eye of the Hurricane

(You are not alone)

The dismay and frustration created by these experiences often lead to more disconnection and lack of Spirit in your life.  It is necessary for you to understand that those in Spirit are always available.  It is the distortion created by whatever linear actions that exist for you that give the appearance of separation.

The best way to describe it is to compare it to a storm or hurricane of events.  The wind blows harder as you struggle to separate fact from fiction.  As you spin out of control the sense of loss from your true spiritual identity can be devastating.  The devastation can leave you vulnerable and seemingly separated from the source of creation.

If you feel this way it would be desirable to pause. Yes we said pause and realize that it is your web of physical drama that is causing all of it.  Become quite and removed from th drama.  Step outside the hurricane carousel of events.  Recede or proceed to the eye of the hurricane (whichever phrase resonates best with you).

Once you have paused it will be easier to identify the root of the problem.  allow all of the interactions, events, and un-fulfilling relationships that have been blinding you to the higher values of your true self and your spiritual guides to fall away.  You have not been abandoned, merely distracted.  Everyone who knows you are right there.

Those in Spirit await your pause.  they have never given up hope that your attention to them would be revitalized.

Even if you feel the time has been long, to them it has been but a moment…. time being irrelevant in all Spiritual moments.

So seek “the eye” of whatever dilemma you are facing.  All who love you are anxiously awaiting reunion.

You are not alone.”


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