The Best Thing To Take!

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hal elrod

The best thing to take is…RESPONSIBILITY of your life. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I know many of you just had flashbacks of one of your parents lectures. I know the word responsibility just sounds so limiting and heavy. But let’s take a closer, more empowering look.

Be able to respond! Be able to respond to the demands of life and the demands you have for yourself! That’s responsibility! Whatever you have done, positive or negative, own it.

Be real with yourself. If you are not where you want to be in regard to you relationships, employment, family, healthy and finances be real with yourself. What have you done to cause this?

Own it!

Then forgive yourself!

Whatever you do, do not: blame your boss, the economy, your childhood, or anyone else or anything else! As soon as you do that, you have no power, you have given it all away…

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