Mental Refinement

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Successful people understand necessity of mental refinement. Fine tuning your mind allows you the ability to focus on your God connection and the greatness etched within you at creation. Have you ever wondered why success comes easy to some people and not so easy for others-perhaps you?

I wondered this some years ago and gave the phenomenon my attention and observation. As an entering freshman into college I believed education was the key to success. I won a $1,000 scholarship for the essay I wrote about it. On graduation day I received a BA in Psychology and a shocking blow to my belief. Where is the key to success? This thought raced through my mind as I posed with a fake smile and a piece of paper adorned in a red leather folder.

Later in life, after failure to gain employment, the loss of personal possessions, and depression I was guided to mental refinement. I asked God what was wrong with me and the answer given gave me a second wind to locate the key to success and to embrace life in expression of my greatness. The feelings I felt when life started to unfold as I desired were more than I can express in words. Establishing Kreative Inspirations as an entity that inspires greatness is one way I have acted in appreciation. It brings me great joy to share what has successful brought me to a good feeling place in life.

My journey to obtain the key to success began with analyzing myself and gaining knowledge of the type of thoughts and emotions I frequented. Those of loss and helplessness were common during those days. I lost plenty and felt helpless in having control over situations. These thoughts and feelings made me angry. I was so damn determined. There were great potentials but for some reason, unknown at the time, I’d fallen to the bottom of life’s barrel. I wanted to give up but a different response was in divine plan.

Once I became aware of my thoughts and emotions and started to have an opinion about them, life shifted for me. I wasn’t happy about the negative thoughts and desired to experience more positive ones. For a brief moment in time, I believed certain circumstances had to change for me to feel differently about my life. I am quite thankful this isn’t true.

The only change that was needed to be made for me to feel better in my life was my perception of the life I was living. Perception has everything to do with everything. It is a scientific deemed fact that no two people view the world we all live in the same. How is this possible? Our perceptions are based upon belief systems. The world is full of chaos and confusion that simply demonstrates differences in belief systems. Belief systems are designed along individual paths.

My belief system was abundant with flaws. Some of what I believed worked for me once upon a time in my life but at the time of observation it worked against my desires. IT WORKED AGAINST MY DESIRES. I typed those words twice because they are vitally important. So many people are stuck in beliefs that serve them negatively and they are afraid to change lest they believe something false. A false belief is any belief that supports life experiences less than you desire.

I started to neutralize unwanted thoughts with truth. When my mind produced thoughts that labeled me as a failure I reminded myself I was successful. Then I went a step further and defined my success. Things I viewed as being success:

• I awakened with joy despite my financial situation.
• My children and I had a safe place to live and food to eat.
• For the most part I was mentally sane.
• I had desire for better; even after coming to a point of wanting to give up.
• I started back writing and met set goals.
• I made physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual movements towards expressing my greatness.

Successful people develop their mental power by feeding their subconscious with positivity. This can be accomplished in infinite ways. It all begins with desire to experience better. Then you deliberately think, speak, and act in accordance with your desire.

Stop for a moment. Dedicate at least 5 minutes to this exercise.

Close your eyes when it is safe to do so. Feel your environment. Hear the sounds, smell the scents, envision the view. Observe the emotions that visit while you do this without judgment of them. Notice if the emotions you feel are pleasant or unpleasant. Ask yourself if there is something you would like to change. *Note* When answering the question base your answer on your own emotions and desires. Sincerely and honestly tell yourself, “I will do this for you because I love you.” Take 20 breaths, counting even numbers on inhalation and odd numbers on exhalation. After taking the final breath of the sequence sit a moment more in gratitude for the changes that are taking place. Know that when you asked with desire and affirmed to experience it was given, immediately. Now, every day take 5 minutes to imagine how your life feels when your desire is experienced. Enjoy your success.

What is the key to success?


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