What is Desired and Why?

What do you desire? Why do you desire what you desire? These questions I asked myself today.

Why did I do that? I did this because I wanted to become clear about the emotional experiences I desire, which can be found at the root of why something is desired.

What did I learn? I made a list of the desires I currently have. There were three things I wrote. And from those three things, answering why produced 24 different emotional experiences at the root. While spending time in silent ponder and examination a brilliant idea came to me.

Emotions can be experienced with or without the physical manifestation of desire that is believed to be capable of providing particular emotional experiences. This is done by focusing upon the emotion and embracing the vibration of it. Like vibrations and experiences of like vibrations are drawn to that which is focused upon. (Law of Attraction) So, I decided to give deliberate attention to the 24 emotions I listed. Each emotion will be meditated upon, feeling what it feels like, while allowing non-physical energy to flow through me in creation of an image that represents the feeling of a particular emotion. Awesome idea, right? I believe so.

Doing this allows me to practice the emotions I desire to feel while creating more of that emotional experience in my life. All time and energy given to desired experience is time spent in joy. The first focused experience felt cleansing and engaging. I am eager to travel through the list of 24 emotions and witness the unfolding of creation through me. I recommend you try this experience that can be understood fully through experience.

If you would like to try this:

  1. On a piece of paper or a blank page in a word processor write the question What do I desire?
  2. Answer the question.
  3. Next, write the question Why do I desire these things?
  4. Imagine what it feels like to have experience of the things you wrote in answer to step 1.
  5. Now, one at a time, focus on the list of emotions written. Fully embrace the experience of the vibration. Ask God, the Universe, Jesus, or any other non-physical energy you would like to join you in the feeling and expressing this emotion.
  6. Follow inspiration to be creative as you embrace your desired emotions.

I followed the steps above and here is the product of the creative impulse I felt.

ease, emotions, expression, vibrations, law of attraction


4 thoughts on “What is Desired and Why?

    • I desire to have,be with the man I love more than any thing. To live our lives to the fullest. Why is because he brought me from a very dark place of sorrow and hopelessness to joy,peace,love,trust and believing in our God given love. I know we are destined to be together,we are soul mates. There is a high energy of desire in both of us to be together through the end of time. We are perfect for each other and we both know this.

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