Wanted to Feel Better, So…

Now, I would like to share a tidbit about my journey through worry-free living.
For a couple of weeks I’ve been facing and neutralizing unpleasant emotions about some family members. I have a goal in mind and heart (to live worry-free) and I understand the power of thoughts, emotions, and focus (attention to anything brings more of that into experience). So, I worked really, really, really hard to bring my emotions into balance and give my attention to what feels good.

What I discovered during this experience is the more I focused on not wanting to feel negative emotions about my family members the more stubborn my thoughts about them were. Would you believe I had several dreams about them even though I really just wanted to forget about them? Well, not only did I have dreams about them, they each were inserted into my experience as well. This placed the situations that set this emotional ball into motion back in my face. Needless to say, more thoughts and more emotions.

The only logical response I could find available to me was to focus upon them in ways that were pleasant. I brought to mind pleasant experiences with each of them. This made me miss them a bit. I went further. I thought about the aspects of them that I liked and had once enjoyed as a part of my experience…more missing them and a little anger for having to miss them. Then I realized I had done a lousy job of forgiving them. That was the only reason I felt discomfort when I saw them and thought upon them. So, I rolled up my emotional sleeves and focused on forgiving them.

I learned something about forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t saying that I agree with the events that took place and it isn’t saying that they need to be forgiven for their sakes. It means, I care too much about myself to suffer with negative emotions and thoughts about them. Forgiveness in this case was about me feeling good because I understand the connection between how I feel and what I experience. So, I verbally addressed each of them to myself and I stated I forgive them. I expressed my love for them and the reasons why I loved them. I noticed, I started to feel better. 🙂

Shortly after this I received a visit from one of them whom I’d been focused upon (thought=experience) and we were able to share our emotions in a positive way and physically move on. That encounter felt like weight lifted. I was thankful. There are still two family members whom I haven’t resumed interaction with but I know one day we will and when we do it will be positive. My stubborn thoughts about all of them have passed on like a storm cloud and I am enjoying the sunshine again. Ahhh…this feels so much better. I am thankful for challenging myself to feel better and for me rising to the challenge. I drew a picture that is representative of experiences of this nature; not necessarily the one I described. Now I will share it.

emotions, love, feel good

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