Be Happy in Unpleasant Circumstance

What is the vibration of abundance? (relevant video)

“Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Brilliant words sung by Bob Marley in a treasured song. They inspire many to follow exactly. Imagine what the world would feel like if more people worried less and experienced happiness more. Worldwide contrast has encouraged an abundance of desire for pleasant life experiences. It has now become a vibrational buffet offering colorful variety of happy moments. A delicious life is prepared in response to each individual order. All that is required for indulgence is choice to do so.

If this is true, you may be wondering, then why do I know someone who chronically worries and lives a miserable life? Surely they didn’t choose for their life to be as it is. Sometimes, shit happens and people live with the stink forever.

Maybe you didn’t ask that question, but I did when my life seemed to rain poop each day. Truth about life and life experiences was too simple for me to grasp when I first became aware of it. If it was as easy as making a choice to be happy, why had I frowned for so long?

I was like most people. The truth of life lived somewhere inside of me hidden from light. I was raised by a mother who worried about almost every facet of life; for herself and others. Rarely did she smile more than during pose for a picture. And, she hated taking pictures because she believed she wore depression on her face. Experiencing my mother’s response to her personal life had an effect on the way I responded to my own.

Before age 24, it hadn’t dawned on me that I was possibly the reason for my own unhappiness. I believed the culprits were unpleasant childhood experiences, failed relationships, and the economy when I couldn’t find suitable employment after college graduation. I didn’t know that my belief system was old and outdated, not to mention faulty in output. It amazed me to discover the image of my thoughts mirrored exactly in my life experiences. For me, this was awakening.

I have a tattoo of the Japanese symbol for happiness. This was my quest for life, and what I desired most during that time of my life. Fourteen years later after etching an image of happiness on the side of my leg, I am confident in my understanding of truth. The truth is, happiness is a choice and unhappiness is a choice. I decided it was time for me to choose, of the two, the one that felt good.

inspiration and motivation
I wish I could say that once I theoretically chose to experience happiness an automatic switch engaged guaranteeing me happiness for the rest of life. If I did tell you this, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. Truth is not just believable but easier to be conceived.
I’m going to give this to you straight.

Research any portion of this correspondence you desire.

Okay, here it is. Facts of life.
Life is not as real as you think. We’ve learned in elementary school that solid matter is an illusion that is made up of smaller units of matter. First, scientists called the smallest of these particles atoms-now, quarks. Life is vibration and the stuff in life is defined vibrations-particles moving at a particular speed, frequency, and wavelength.  The law of attraction, like the law of gravity, is one of the universal systems that paint the look, the vibratory experience of physical reality. It connects like vibrations.

Vibrations are energy frequency, which can vibrate at various rates that are labeled high and low. One of the ways that they are interpreted by humans is in the experience of emotions. When you feel good you vibrate at a higher frequency than when you feel less than good.

Desire can be seen as calibration. It acts as a mold, so to speak, of a vibratory experience. A vibratory frequency is set and will engage when it is met with like vibratory frequency from the one who desires. To the universe, desire is interpreted differently than the word typically implies. Focused attention with belief equals desire.

The vibratory frequency focused upon with certainty attracts like frequency that materialize in physical reality as interactions, circumstances and emotions. Feeling unhappiness in any given moment is an indicator of a person’s most frequent and certain vibration being one that is not pleasing to the individual. This valuable information is given naturally. It can be used to assess where focused attention is most often and whether the certainty held about the subject leads to happiness or unhappiness.

An unpleasant circumstance may have caused unhappiness in your life before. You are more than welcome to choose to be happy over anything less than. The act of choosing focuses attention on the subject and whatever outcomes are believed to be probable with certainty. If you believe you can be happy, absolutely, your vibration will rise to the specific frequency. Desire to experience happiness with belief in happiness for you will attract vibrations that will deliver the life experience created for and by you. Awesome right?

Current reality, the circumstances and conditions being lived currently, is past tense. It is a reflection of past vibrations. The moment a vibration is offered, it is orchestrated by law of attraction. Many moments spent in the same vibration provides momentum to vibration outputted in connecting with more like it during the forming of physical experience. So, the take home message is:

“Don’t worry. Be happy.”

No matter what is being faced, following these wise words will bring a smile. Do this often enough and you will find yourself smiling significantly more than ever.

It is my wish for you to smile all day in joy.


DeMeitta Wesley
Kreative Inspirations

P.S. Watch the video Don’t worry. Be happy.

2 thoughts on “Be Happy in Unpleasant Circumstance

  1. “If you believe you can be happy, absolutely, your vibration will rise…” Yes! So many people WANT to be happy, but they believe that outside conditions have to change before they can. That means that they may stay unhappy forever because nobody can control all of the outside conditions of life.

    Fortunately, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “No honest seeking goes unrewarded.” One who is really wanting to find happiness eventually figures it out. 🙂

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