Align with Desires

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Have you ever been through an unpleasant experience?

Contrast (literary definition on Wikipedia-describing the difference(s) between two or more entities)

In terms of life, contrast is the difference between your higher nonphysical self and your physically focused self.

Emotions are the messengers of the contrast. When you feel ‘good’ you are in alignment with your higher self and when you feel ‘bad’ you are misaligned with your higher self.

Desires are like rockets, as explained by Abraham Hicks, that shoot forth automatically during contrast. They indicate what is preferred by you relative to a particular subject.

“Ask and it is given.”

3 Steps of manifestation

  1. Ask- Your desires, the rockets, represent your asking.
  2. God (Source, Your Higher Self) Answers Immediately-The desired change takes instant vibrational form.
  3. Align with desires-You must believe you can have what is desired and believe it is done while appreciating the journey from where you are to where you prefer to be. This is referred to as allowing.

Check out this 3 minute video for further explanation. Follow link. Best Wishes.


Also, enjoy reading this E-Book that includes positive and encouraging images. Follow link.

How to Be Happy in 17 seconds or less

17 sec smiley circle


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