How to Be Happy in 17 seconds or less

Thoughts and emotions create real life experiences. We humans are vibration in nature who communicate and create with vibrations.

An artist expresses inner vibrations through creativity. A person who appreciates art interprets the vibrational representation of the artist through personal vibrational receptors. In response to emotional and mental experience of the art the person will express vibrationally.

The set point of your personal vibration can be one that is high on the vibration scale. Higher vibrations, like that of happiness, align you with your true nature. The creator of life is always happy; meaning joyfully content with all there is. In 17 seconds or less, you can be too.

This E-Book offers practical solutions to applying more happiness to an everyday busy life. You deserve to feel happy; right now and always. We are human and this means occasionally we will feel less than happy. See this as a blessing. Unhappy moments are perfect opportunities to practice being happy. This book can help.


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Instant Download
$.50 (less than a cup of coffee)

Be Happy. Best Wishes.

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