Tips for Writers (Scenes and Sequal)…are they working perfectly?”

Chances are since you have chosen to read this post you are in process of creating or recreating scenes in a written piece of work. I am working on a super awesome novel and today I went out into the worldwide web for information about creating effective scenes. A story, especially novel length, is nothing more than a beautiful necklace of scenes that readers wear with their imagination as they read. We, as authors and architects of these scenes, must confidently choose appropriate materials and design to achieve delivery of a true work of art.

I really liked visiting with the author who wrote the article I am recommending. Not only does he effectively explain Scenes and Sequals, in a way that was easily understood seeming easy to apply, his style is grabbing and insightful. Click this link to formulate your own opinion—> Writing Scenes and Sequals

Best Wishes and Happy Writing!
DeMeitta Wesley &
Kreative Inspirations

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