Getting in the Mood of Love (Inspiration for Kreativity)

GOOD MORNING! How are you, today?

I feel fabulous. I’m off to an early start on my project.

Novel writing takes time, energy, and ability to capture a particular mood within self and in the form of what is written. This is the way to magically transport readers from their personal world to a different place with satisfying experiences.

I’m not ready to give a full overview of the novel I’m writing, but I will say it will express love in some fashion…I’m designing the structure for that now.

It’s cold outside today. But, I feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Snow in the Promenade

A song from the cartoon movie Frozen started singing in my mind, “Love is an open door.” This led me to YouTube to have the full experience. I loved it.

After watching this video, I remembered my sister and her girlfriend. They were the ones who introduced me to the movie. My sister is younger, more outgoing, and social than I am. The older I became with concern about establishing a successful future the less engaging I was with my sister. This movie really did an excellent job portraying scenarios that feel familiar.

I identify most with the eldest sister. Here is the clip where she decides to “Let it Go.”

I enjoyed all three of these clips and now I am ready to rock and roll. My project awaits.

Best Wishes,
DeMeitta Wesley &
Kreative Inspirations


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