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How I Feel Matters wKrin

Kreative InspirationsHow WE feel matters a GREAT DEAL. As a matter of fact, how a person feel determines how their life is perceived. This is how people living in seemingly similar environments can express and experience differently.

Kreative Inspirations was born through the aim of someone whose focus is on expressing and experiencing greatness. Good feelings can be experienced more than many of us often experience. Life feels best when the best of life is experienced. We must FEEL our best to EXPERIENCE our best.

Kreative Inspirations entered the internet word in a simple manner in 2012.

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It was, first, a wordpress blog and a newbie website that offered art and inspiring words as expression and inspiration of Greatness. Focus and intentions have further nurtured Kreative Inspirations into a blossoming avenue of positive and creative exchange. Deeper understanding of the co-creation taking place, as the founder, as a writer, as an artist, and as a human being living whole, has been a catalyst to learning skills capable of continuous growth.


As an individual and an online entity that cares to express and experience greatness,  my intentions are to uplift, encourage, and inspire everyone to allow Greater You to live and love life. Be playful, be creative, and most of all simply ALLOW yourself TO BE. I love you as reflections of myself. Individually we are unique. Collectively we are complete as our expressions reflect THE ONE. We INSPIRE each other. I’m thankful for you.

Best Wishes

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