Tips for Writers-Multi-Strand Plotlines

Are you challenged by the illusive double plotting? Better said, ‘Multi-Strand Plotlines’ can be challenging upon first thought…and second thought…and third.

I decided to look for information that could shed light and offer guidance. I found two treasures that I believe are useful.
Multi-Stand Plotlines

Plotting Inner and Outer Conflict

here is a Plot Guideline from nanowrimo (free and easy)


Tips for Writers: Choosing Main Character Determines Story Being Told and How…

Perhaps you have a great story brewing in your mind and some awesome characters who will participate. Do you know which of them is the main character, which-if either-will be the narrator, and who among them will be affected greatest…this character is the protagonist. Albeit you knew that already. If you would like to add to your ‘working writing knowledge’ take a moment and read this article by Glen C. Strathy Choosing Your Main Character and His/Her Essential Counterpart – See more at:

Winter Blue – Time Lapse Painting

Awesome Artist


This is the source of the River Barrow, in the woods on the Sliabh Bloom Mountains, west of where I live. It flows north before turning east and then south, to enter the sea at Waterford. Its route takes it through my home town in Kildare. Here its a broad substantial river, onetime part of the western boundary of the English Pale.

This painting uses similar colours (Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna & French Ultramarine Blue) to the previous painting. But the approach is different, right from the outset. In the previous painting the initial under layers were mixed with white to produce opaque light colours and the final colours, darker, were ‘drawn’ on top, similar to a watercolour painting. In the painting above, dark rich transparent colours were built up progressively and the lighter colours placed on top, as in the traditional oil painting method.

I didn’t completely abandon…

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Considering You

When was the last time you Considered You as the basis of decisions being made about what you do, how you do what you do, and how you feel about your doing? Life has taught me, and probably you as well, that it is important to consider yourself in your life. If you don’t, life feels foreign and uncomfortable. There is a simple, quick, and effective way to turn uncomfortable life into life enjoyed. I speak more about it in this article titled, Considering You. Click HIGHLIGHTED WORDS to access it.

Considering one’s self doesn’t have to include lack of consideration for others. People choose their response to any given moment based on what is believed about self in relation to the situation. I have noticed that people who feel a lack in consideration for themselves tend to consider self over others more often, no matter the cost. Considering self allows control over the only thing we have full control over. When you consider yourself, you are automatically given an experience of being considered. This gives you control over the way you feel. Once life moments flow in a path guided by self-consideration, it is accompanied with…

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Balance is essential in all aspects of life. There is; Ying and Yang, day and night, awake and asleep. An optimal functioning person must feel balanced in their life, body, and spirit. Only then do they have access to the unlimited possibilities that are available. Most humans experience prolonged imbalance in these areas. Time is another area of struggle.

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People who are responsible for others tend to live imbalanced lives. It is easy to slip into selflessness when other people are objects of attention. It doesn’t matter that life doesn’t feel good. Adapting to discomfort is natural because thriving organisms adapt. Natural doesn’t equal requirement. Fully living and enjoying life is quite different from simply thriving and existing in it. Your life is yours. Only you decide whether you feel good in it or not.

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I hope you take a moment and read this article that shares a golden nugget of information that has potential to enhance life at any point of discomfort. It is my wish for you to have an amazing day.

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Just in case you have changed your mind. Read Article Considering You

Dress Rehearsing Tragedy

Dress Rehearsing Tragedy
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Here’s the a-ha with where Brené’s work overlaps with what I write about in Mind Over Medicine. Our nervous systems can’t tell the difference between dress rehearsing tragedy and real tragedy. As far as your amygdala is concerned, whether your child dies or whether you just imagine that your child dies, your fight-or-flight responses get triggered, and your nervous system goes on red alert. Your stress responses flip on; your body is filled with cortisol and epinephrine, and your body reacts as if your child really did just die.

And here’s the kicker. Your body is brilliantly equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that can kill cancer cells, fight infection, and repair what breaks. But those self-repair mechanisms only operate when you’re not in fight-or-flight. So every time you dress rehearse tragedy, you put your body at risk of disease, disabling its ability to heal itself. Then, BINGO. It’s no wonder you’re not at the top of your health game.

I stumbled across this article while researching for a current project in motion. (I’m excited about it. It is being given a touch of GREATNESS just for you…will keep you posted.) I found the article interesting because it first addresses joy as the most terrifying emotion a human has. The author offers a link where you can listen in to the conversation that inspired the article.

Joy is important to all life. If you have recently noticed need for more of this vital experience in your life, you may want to read the full article by following this link: How Leaning into Joy Can Save Your Life

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