Count Down to Even More Greatness!

2013 has been an Awesome year. I am thankful for all that has been experienced, including joyful moments and moments of contrast that led to later experienced joyful moments. I am thankful for all of the wonderful rendezvous. Life is perfectly reflecting inner states of being…so helpful and priceless. Even in this very moment as this post is being written and read mirroring is taking place.

Nothing is of greater importance than feeling as good as can be feltĀ in every single moment. Bliss is super great but may not always be emotionally available and that too is perfect. At times, the best feeling is hope to feel bliss. The reaching for it is a wonderful experience.

What comes to mind right now is the relief that is felt by a stiff or sore muscle as it is gently stretched. Muscles allow movement. The same is true about life. I see humans to be the muscle. Emotions are the vehicles that orchestrate human movement. It feels good to stretch gently towards what feels good and even better in the moment of experience of good feelings. When one is thirsty there must be a movement towards quenching thirst in order for it to be actualized. Let us, together, reach towards quenching our thirst for joy. Claim your joy for each and every moment remaining in 2013 and even more in the new year.

Best Wishes,

Kreative Inspirations

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Choosing Love Over Fear

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This FREE E-Book has some valuable information that could possible assist in identifying fearful life expressions and how they slow down the receiving of what is desired. The above title was the original but it has been modified to Choosing Love Over Stress.

When You click on the ABOVE LINK you will be taken to the Kreative Inspirations website and there you can right click on the link to download the PDF.

Fear can be deadly. Knowledge is power. Faith is EVERYTHING.

I wish you the absolute best.

Best Wishes